As the Canaan Gents, we believe it is by the grace of God that we have made it this far. Ultimately, and most importantly, we're aware that God has worked through various people around us to make us who we are today.

These people listen to our music, buy it and go a step further to share it with those in their circles. They like, comment and tag their friends in our posts on social media when we update our accounts. They stand with us through thick and thin and support us.

They love, encourage and correct us without bias. We might know some, but many remain unknown due to their numbers. To us, these people are not fans, they are a generation, the Canaan Generation.

They are part of the music we do. They are our family. "Canaan Generation" sounds more right than simply calling them fans because they are very dear to us.

How does one become a member of the Canaan generation?

  1. One can "like" or "follow" us on our official social media platforms, where they get to have up-to-date information about what we are doing; when and where.
  2. Or they can share our music and posts with their friends and relatives.
  3. They can also buy our branded promotional items. These include; t-shirts, caps, among others.
  4. Whenever possible; they can attend our public gatherings and participate in our outreach programs.

There is no age limit to who can be part of this generation; toddlers, teens, youth, elder people among others can be part